S Say where you go and who you are going with
  •  I will always tell my parents where I am going and who I will be with, BEFORE I go.
  •  I will make sure my parents know who my friends are, where they live, and give them their telephone numbers and email addresses.
A Never go Alone
  •  I will always play with friends, never alone, because I know I am safer that way.
F Accept no Free stuff
  •  I will never accept candy, a ride, or any other gifts from people I don’t know
well. I will tell my parents if anyone tries to give me a present or a ride.
  •  If an adult or older kid approaches me to ask for my help, I will tell a trusted adult because I know that older kids and adults do not need my help.
E Escape: run, yell & tell
  •  I will yell, run away and tell a trusted adult if an older kid or adult tries to bother me, that way other kids can be safe, too.

If you need help, call 9-1-1 or Texas Center for the Missing at (713) 314-3644.


Important Websites to Know:
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